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The Power of my Thoughts

I apologize for having taken so much time to comment. I want you to know, however, that I

listened to the progam at least a dozen times before writing.

I listened to The Power of my Thoughts for the first time in a very relaxed setting, lying down

and giving my full attention to your soft words and the beautiful sounds from the harp. Just as

the title says, this program facilitates "positive consciousness." It is very pleasant to listen to

and reminds me of the writings of the famous spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle (whose work I have

in audio form) and even helps to deepen my understanding of what he is saying. There are also

hints of teachings like those found in The Secret and in the concept of the law of attraction.

I listened to the program every morning when I woke up, and I continue to do this as part of my

morning routine. As positive thoughts permeate my subconscious, I feel ready to face my day

with a smile and with determination even though pain from a previous operation is part of my

daily life. I love the fact that the program is not long. This gives me a chance to listen to it every

day without getting tired.

I keep my mp3 on my bedside table. On several occasions, I successfully used the program to

help me relax and fall asleep (since menopause, insomnia shows its face from time to time).

To conclude, my sincere congratulations for what I would call an awareness tool that helps us to

take control of our own happiness.

I hope this is the first of more to come!

Line xo

It is by questioning, by cultivating our inner life, that we deploy our wings. I sow in me what I

would like to harvest in my life.

Let yourself be immersed in the wonder of The Power of my Thoughts. Made with love and

musical delicacy, it contains everything you need to move forward and tap into your own inner

resources. Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer. You will experience

major change as the result of your awakening.


Waiting for more...

Ginette (Hawkesbury)


The Power of my Thoughts by Dr. Christiane P. Séguin is delightful to listen to and a wonderful

surprise! Whenever I listen to it in the car, I feel a sense of intimacy as if she were witness to

my own inner conversations.

When I leave work feeling stressed, I listen to The Power of my Thoughts and immediately feel

filled with a sense of peace and tranquility.

What a wonderful tool! Thank you!

Karinne Dessureault

Good morning Robert and Christiane,

I want to thank you for the wonderful gift of what you do...sharing your knowledge and your

passion. I can’t wait to listen to - and read - Healing.

Thank you my friends! We vibrate at the same frequency! :)

I love you.


I have been using the program Healing twice a day for a month now, once in the morning while

doing yoga and again before going to bed. Immediately, I could feel the effects of Healing

on several levels. This treatment program has brought me back into focus. My body is now

balanced and I feel energized. The first time I did the program, it cleansed and purified my

body (my dreams were concrete proof). Now I sleep peacefully, and if I wake up, I can go back

to sleep more easily. The most amazing feedback I received was from my chiropractor. For

the first time in seven years, he told me that my spine was very flexible and that the alignment

was perfect. I knew Healing and vibrational treatments had something to do with this. I firmly

believe they proved to be complementary and in harmony with other effective treatments such

as chiropractic. What a great program!


 Yesterday I received the Healing program as a gift...WOW! The perfect blend of harp and

voice makes the teachings about sharing and inner well-being so very special. Healing, in my

opinion, compares favourably to the work of other well-renowned artists. It helped me get rid

of a headache...incredible! Thank you for filling my home with this beautiful, positive energy.

And thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom that comes from the soul. Healing is a

wonderful way for achieving enlightenment, well-being and inner strength!

Michelle (Gatineau)

   I received Healing as a gift. After listening to it once, I felt the physical effects in my feet and

stomach. I was shivering and felt like crying. My body was literally vibrating!

My doctor diagnosed me with sinusitis, bronchitis and mild depression. Listening to Healing

seems to have “cleansed” me both physically and mentally. It has brought me relief and support

at various levels, and I can more easily communicate my emotions. Amazing!

Ms. Myre

   Healing, for me, is a shift, a step towards other possibilities. Its intention for well-being and

letting go is very powerful, and this is confirmed by the many people who have experienced it.

This program promotes physical, mental and vital well-being and has allowed me to witness

what is called a QUANTUM LEAP. I am enormously grateful for this!

Healing opens doors to new and wonderful opportunities for healing, and for this, I am also

grateful. This is my destiny...awakening of consciousness while eliminating pain, making

room for the joy, experiencing inner peace, and living in natural health! Vibrating with you is a

privilege! NAMASTE

With all the heart’s intelligence….

Thank you for believing and happy healing!

Christiane x x x

The Power of my Thoughts

Good evening Christiane,

It was my first time attending Salon of Women. One word comes to me: synchronicity.

If only you knew how grateful I am. Thank you again for this conference, the hospitality at your

booth, our conversation, your generosity, and your two “hugs.” I left feeling so richly blessed.

Life indeed gave me a gift by allowing me to make your acquaintance.

Carole Verdon 



   First of all, I hope you are well and that you are enjoying some of your summer vacation despite your studies! I am writing today to thank you – for the helpful conversations we had and the wonderful therapy that I have enjoyed in the comfort of my home. Healing has improved my health and even helped me to lose weight (over 20 lbs). In late spring, I turned towards positive consciousness. Through your words, I learned how to take control of my life and not let fate choose for me! I can now say that my life is going very well and that it continues to get better. In fact, the purpose of this message is to bring you the happy news that we've been waiting so long for...I am pleased to tell you that I am eight weeks pregnant...twins! The waiting was worth it! Everything came together in June: I got pregnant, and I was offered a contract until December at the school where I work, the result being that I did not have to seek employment for September. Life is so beautiful; I radiate happiness! Even though you say that it is because of my own actions that all this is happening, I'd say there's a part that comes from you! Thank you for what you do. I believe in you and the well-being you help to create. Keep up the good work!


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