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My Life Style!
It is powerful, full of love and was created to provide maximum wellness!

   You have made the right choice! The Power of my Thoughts will lead you to a balanced life,
a life of health and harmony. I am so happy for you! The life you have lived up to now is in
the past; you are here, in the present, open to understanding the signs and experiencing the
changes that listening to this work of art will manifest in you.

You are not here by accident. Your thoughts have led you here, closer to what is good for you.
Even at this point, your choices are entirely yours, and these choices will pave the way to where
you want to go.

Let yourself be immersed in this positive consciousness whose only desire is your total well-
being! It is your birth right to live happily, abundantly, and without judgment, surrounded by a
positive vibration!

Well beyond words... 
  Christiane P. Séguin DNM Ph.d.
The Power of my Thoughts

  The Power of my Thoughts is a program that was lovingly created for your enhanced well being. This easy to use and effective program will help you to achieve personal happiness, and with daily use, you will see change manifest. We guarantee results.

Research has proven the power of repetition in permanently reprogramming our lives. The beat
and cadence inherent in The Power of my Thoughts will lead you naturally and rhythmically 
towards harmony and health at all levels. This amazing tool consists of positive affirmations
and soothing music that will relax you on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. A first
step towards opening your consciousness, this program will gently guide you to higher
consciousness where you will experience endless possibilities and enhanced well-being. The
Power of my Thoughts will bring you to a place where all paths are more easily accessible and
where you will see and understand more clearly what is happening both inside and outside
of you. In short, it will help you to live your life in harmony. People who have been using this
program have experienced amazing changes in their lives in only a short time.

The low cost of The Power of my Thoughts makes this program accessible to anyone. With
only a small investment, you will experience great rewards. You will be both delighted and
surprised at its effectiveness!

Conscience Positive supports children’s causes