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   It is with pride and gratitude that I present you Healing, a 15-minute program designed
to promote maximum state of health. Its daily use will help you to create an environment
conducive to healing. Guided by thought, the body and mind have the capacity for self-healing,
therefore eliminating disease or as we say in natural medicine, the symptoms.

The Healing program uses several methods to activate and balance the vital body (aura),
increasing its energy frequency in order to promote well-being and cell regeneration. This vital
body energy, invisible to most people, is balanced and restored, leading to better health. It is
important that we treat our invisible energy fields for the reasons that they play an important
role in the health of our bodies and that long-term energy imbalances can cause symptoms and

Healing takes you through controlled breathing exercises that are set to specific rhythms. It also
uses a sacred formula (mantra), voice toning exercises and positive affirmations. You will be
guided into relaxation using theta wave techniques which are used by the brain to access the
subconscious mind. The process is simple yet effective.

The Healing program will have a profound effect on your body as it:

Promotes vital body balance
Allows overall relaxation
Releases muscle tension
Slows down brain activity
Facilitates the meditative state
Increases the level of awareness and opportunities
Promotes healthy cell reproduction
Improves blood flow
Restores health using a natural, holistic approach
Allows the body to heal itself
Assists in managing stress
Promotes the oxygenation of cells, tissues, organs and blood flow in the body
Stimulates body detoxification
Increases concentration
Reduces aches and pains
Promotes a state of well-being
Helps clarify thoughts

Healing has been created for you to help you regain balance and health in a natural, non-
invasive way. As it is only fifteen minutes long, it can be easily incorporated into your daily
routine. The accompanying free booklet will further help you to understand the methods and the benefits of this amazing program.

Well beyond words... 
  Christiane P. Séguin DNM Ph.d.
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Healing Guide Hereconscience_audio_Healing_files/HEALING.pdf
    Healing is a powerful and unique holistic program that in just 15 minutes can induce a deep
meditative state. Relaxing techniques such as controlled breathing, vocal toning, subliminal
messages and mantras will penetrate to the deepest levels of your cellular memory, opening
you to states that are conducive to healing. Our client testimonials confirm that daily use brings
positive results.

I’ve used the Healing program twice a day for a month now, once in the morning while doing
yoga and again before going to bed. Immediately, I could feel the effects of Healing on several
levels. This treatment program has brought me back into focus. My body is now balanced and
I feel energized. The first time I did the program, it cleansed and purified my body (my dreams
were concrete proof). Now I sleep peacefully, and if I wake up, I can go back to sleep more
easily. The most amazing feedback I received was from my chiropractor. For the first time in
seven years he told me that my spine was very flexible and that the alignment was perfect. I
knew the Healing program and the clinical treatments at Vibra Sound Healing had something
to do with this. I firmly believe that the treatment from Vibra Sound Healing proved to be
complementary and in harmony with other effective treatments such as chiropractic. What a
great program!
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