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My Life Style!
   ChakrAngels is a Vibrational Sound Program that cleanses the chakras, allowing purification of negative energy and subsequently replenish this wonderful vibrant energy of health. This beautiful angelic energy challenges you to get better at all levels.

The intention of ChakrAngels is a guide of a vibratory call to wellness and balance in a natural way.  Allow yourself to let go by listening to this sweet angelic melody, guiding you step by step from the root chakra to the crown chakra using your voice as an extraordinary tool to vibrate all human bodies such as, the supra-mental, the vital body, the mental body, the physical body and the emotional body.  These entrances which are the chakras, will give you access to the invisible world and will have an impact on your entire being.

ChakrAngels will invite you to enter the deep awareness of your essence by vibrating through the chakras and it will help to reduce inflammation, eliminate headaches, enlighten your mind and be in a awareness state of mind.

ChakrAngels will:
enhance intuition  
- reduce inflammation
- reduce or alleviate pain
- be in the here and now, present moment
- oxygenate blood
- relieve tension
- relax muscles
- balance the bodies (supra-mental, mental- vital, physical and emotional bodies)
- reduce stress
- enlightened your mind

Wellness ingredients of ChakrAngels:
- Harp
- wind chimes
- wind
- breathing
- voice toning with sacred vowels
- slow rhythm
- strong intention of Healing

Well beyond words... 
  Christiane P. Séguin DNM Ph.d.

Conscience Positive supports children’s causes