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      When we breathe, the bloods function is to transport oxygen to
organs, tissues of our body to eliminate toxins and to activate brain
activity and therefore increase  the level of concentration.


      Words, sentences were carefully selected to join the child's
right brain or left brain dominance. Messages enter the subconscious
to allow a change in habits and promote changes of the
negative behaviors already impregnated therefore create new circuits of the neurons.


      Research shows that the sensorimotor rhythm (SMR) that are Beta
waves 15 to 20 Hz, are less abundant in ADHD children while Theta
waves 4-8 Hz, are  abundant in most children of the same age.


        The pace of Vibrational Sound Programming ADHD was
deliberately slowed down to create a relaxing state of mind. This
condition eliminates muscle tension, slowing down mental activity in
addition to having an impact on the nervous system by calming the
nerves and releasing tension in the physical body and the humain


      In quantum physics, there are evidences that the intention is
very powerful and  has an impact in balancing  mind, vital and
physical bodies. The intention in the Vivrationnal Sound Program
ADHD allows wonderful  relaxing state of mind, and also  slows down
brain activity in order to create a possibility to trigger an automatic response at the level
of regularization of brain activity enabling better concentration and
reducing impulsive behaviors of children diagnosed with ADHD. The
intention accompanied by other modalities offers positive results on
the human bodies.


The short-term goal, is to allow a reduction of impulsive behaviors,
inducing calm and increasing concentration and tasks performance. The
long-term goal: possibility to eliminate the use of Ritalin!

  Dre. Christiane P. Séguin
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   This Vibrational Sound Program is the use of different modalities

to address the imbalances such as neurological, mental, physical and

behavioral in a natural way for the child or adult diagnosed with ADHD

(Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder ). The Vibrationnal Sound

program includes controlled breathing, positive affirmations, the beta

wave, the specific rhythm  to induce relaxation and the intention as a


   The Vibrational Sound Program  (VSP) ADHD was created from a

survey of ADHD children 8 - 13 years old. The program therefore

reflects elements mentioned by them which have a calming effect.

   The multimodal approach (combined interventions) is an approach that

is considering preventive interventions at different levels such as;

- family environment

- school field

- pharmacology field

- alternative treatments

   These Approaches alone cannot give the expected results since

nutrition, environmental factors, imbalances in brain neurons,

thought, genetics, behaviors are all factors having an influence on

the human body. It is therefore necessary to consider a Holistic

approach rather to increase the chances of success for children in

school or on the job market. The multimodal approach considers

the Holistic view therefore preventive intervention and offers the child the

opportunity to succeed in a learning environment where it is

respectful and where it is fun to learn. In the education system,

teaching by differentiation meets the real needs of children with

learning desabilities considering   biological, behavioral and

environmental factors.


   Brain wave is an electromagnetic oscillation which is created by nerve

cells in the brain called neurons. In the brain, this wave is present

in the motor cortex, a brain region that is located just below the

skull. Waves can be detected by diagnostic procedures such as the

electroencephalogram (EEG) or magnetoencephalogram (MEG) that  have

been studied since the early 20th century. Research indicates that

Beta or Mu cerebral wave is connected to the performance and learning

of motor skills in brain activity when the subject is completing

physical tasks or when it observes others performing physical tasks.

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